AliExpress Affiliate Program

Which Is Better: The Amazon Affiliate Program Or The AliExpress Affiliate Program?

AliExpress affiliate program is great because you don’t need to create or sell a product or a service. You're simply sharing it with people you recognize, like family, friends, followers, subscribers, etc. Learn more about best affiliate programs.

Publishers are ready to earn many dollars by promoting other people’s products, and it’s always a win-win for everybody involved.


AliExpress is the hottest foreign hypermarket in Russia, us, Brazil, Spain, and Ukraine. this is often a locomotive of cross-border shopping within the countries. Russia, including other post-Soviet Union countries like Kazakstan, Ukraine, and Belarus, ensure quite 33% of traffic to AliExpress.

What Are the Terms?

The tracking link is allowed to be put wherever you want: on your websites, blogs, social networks and forums, e-mail, and instant messengers chats. SEM is allowed. However, it's to be done not by brand. On top, they provide dynamic advertising, support service for affiliates, and access to the API are attached.

AliExpress Affiliate Program renewed the commission structure for its affiliates on 10 October 2018. thanks to the changes, the cookie term extends to three days, commission rates depend upon categories of the products only, both affiliated and non-affiliated products have equivalent commission rates.

You can see fixed commission rates within the table below.

Category Name

Commission Rate

mobile phone 3%

computers/laptops 3%

home audio 3%

external storage 3%

internal storage 3%

mobile phone accessories 9%

interior accessories 9%

garden supplies 9%

women’s clothing 9%

men’s clothing 9%

children’s clothing 9%

all other categories 7%

How to Get Approved?

It’s effortless to urge approval for the AliExpress Affiliate program in Indoleads CPA Network. They're our trusted partners, and it'll take only a couple of hours for your account to be approved by Aliexpress. Also, confirm you’ve put a live website or social account during registration. Otherwise, your account is more likely to be rejected. In their own Affiliate program, it'll take you not but every week to urge approval for the campaign!


Everyone knows Amazon. The web marketplace will deliver anything from candy to a fully functional drone to your door during a day. Every niche has its space on Amazon, which is why it’s such an excellent start line for an Affiliate Marketing venture.

The biggest online shopping spot within us, Brazil, Canada, and other 57 countries. Quite 44% of Brazilian start to look for a product exactly from Amazon, while only 34% start from search engines. In total, Amazon accounts for about 23% of all shopping traffic within the world, and therefore the number of mobile traffic grew by the maximum amount of 50% over the year.

Amazon Payouts

Payouts directly depend upon the category of products – the official “up to 15%” in practice applies only to downloadable games and Amazon Coins. Most sections, like clothes, shoes and accessories, beauty and health, goods for youngsters and toys, for the house, cars, sports, hobbies, books, ante up to eight .5%.

By the way, the minimum withdrawal threshold is $100, the Hold Period is 60 days, while in Indoleads Affiliate Network, the hold period for this campaign is merely 45 days.

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But for some bloggers and niche site builders, making money from Amazon Affiliate Programs can become a nightmare. Like every ad network or affiliate program, Amazon reserves the proper to ban your traffic any time, thanks to violations. To eliminate the risks to be banned, it’s better to send the traffic to Amazon through an affiliate network like Indoleads. We negotiate with the direct advertiser and typically win the cases within the favor of the affiliate!

Amazon Tools

There also are an excellent number of tools and promo: here you'll find the standard text links generator, banners of varied sizes, full API, product feeds, and therefore the ability to create your storefront with Amazon goods, a full basket, and payment.

Well, of course, don't ditch the famous Amazon Native Shopping Ads with an adaptive milestone, which automatically adapt to the user, customize personalized recommendations, adapt to keywords, or a minimum of show you a hand-picked collection of products, which is particularly important for articles, reviews, and comparisons.

How to get approved?

As mentioned in the first step, you would like to possess your website, or blog found out and running before you check-in for Amazon Associates.

You must provide the URL to your website during registration, get your WordPress website or other site found out before applying. You'll include up to 50 different affiliate sites under one account. Plus, if you develop mobile apps, sort of a mobile deal finder or how-to app, you'll include those in your affiliate marketing plan too.

When applying to Amazon – you'll wait up to 2 weeks to urge approval – while affiliate networks simplify this process and prevent tons of your time that you'll spend in earning the commissions!

Who would win?

AliExpress and Amazon are taking over huge market shares everywhere on the planet. Will any of them release the rights to be the best? We highly doubt that. The bulk of Amazon’s customers are located within North and South America, while AliExpress is hugely popular in Asian countries and Russia.

While both attempt to penetrate each other’s markets, it’s impossible to deny that AliExpress features more developed logistics everywhere on the planet. It's slightly more convenient for the Asian marketplace mogul to supply shipping to the foremost remote locations of the planet. On the opposite hand – nothing beats Amazon Prime at some point shipping, which comes in handy to the purchasers.

As AliExpress takes longer to ship and deliver the products, they'll be losing some points with the impatient buyers. However, the worth range of the Chinese counterpart takes the crown once we move the chase.

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