AliExpress Affiliate Program

How does the AliExpress Affiliate Program work?

AliExpress Affiliate Program is not any different from the other affiliate program out there and even better in many cases if we compare it with renowned affiliate programs like Amazon Associates.

What is AliExpress Affiliate?

AliExpress affiliate is that the same thing as the other affiliate program. You're given a special link to AliExpress products, and you'll start promoting this link to earn a commission on each product that’s sold.

The rates are varying counting on the kinds of products. Some products even pay as high as 50% of the commission on each sale. So, you'll make a killing revenue with this program.


• AliExpress affiliate offers a minimum of 8.5% commission on a purchase.

• AliExpress cookies last 30 days.

• AliExpress ships worldwide.


• Shipping takes an extended time.

• Affiliate reporting takes 2-3 days to update.

• AliExpress isn’t as trusted as Amazon, eBay.

Why Choose Aliexpress Affiliate Program?

Aliexpress affiliate program is an ultimate revenue-generating machine for marketers. AliExpress paid out over $100000 per month, with top sellers making up to $20000 monthly in affiliate commissions.

Another online retailer website like Amazon has also offered the affiliate program. However, Aliexpress offers a way better commission and incentive than Amazon.

How is it better from Amazon?

The affiliate program of AliExpress is analogous to Amazon associates, where you'll promote products on your website and earn commission on the sale made through your channels.

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However, in many aspects, it outranks Amazon in terms of services and benefits. I'm listing a number of those aspects here,

1. In terms of language support, AliExpress offers six more language support than Amazon does. It's 16 languages support while Amazon has only 10. Moreover, a spread of payment options makes it more convenient to use worldwide.

2. Aliexpress may be a China-based platform that creates this platform more preferable. Most items are manufactured here that cuts down the costs must lower and become more competitive to other shopping portals.

3. Like Amazon, AliExpress also offers an enormous collection of products, including clothing, accessories, and electronics. An outsized range of niches gives a foothold to the marketer to leverage from these products.

4. Aliexpress payment security makes it the foremost desirable affiliate platform. All the transactions are integrated with an Escrow service, which suggests that the funds would only be released after buyers confirm their satisfaction with the order.

5. the simplest factor is that the higher commission; On Aliexpress, affiliate marketers receive the commission rates of 8% for all product categories – whereas Amazon gives 4% commission.

6. Aliexpress offers an extended cookie duration of up to 30 days. Meaning if a buyer involves your website and makes a sale after 30 days, you'll be paid. Whereas Amazon only offers a 24-hour cookie.

Interesting facts about Aliexpress:

• Aliexpress offers almost everything you'll consider. Over 130,000 active sellers serve buyers from quite 200 countries & regions.

• Most of the sellers of Aliexpress offer free shipping; however, it takes 30-40 days to deliver. Many sellers offer shipment via e-packet that shortens the time to 15-20 days with little-to-none charges.

• You will find most of the products at the most cost-effective rate on this platform because most products are made in China.

• AliExpress has reached the 100 million buyers milestone in 2017, creating it as one of the most important online retail services worldwide.

How to check-in for AliExpress Affiliate?

Signing up for an AliExpress affiliate is pretty easy. It takes just a couple of minutes to urge yourself to an affiliate account on AliExpress and begin selling products to earn a commission.

Just head over to the sign in, then click Register and make an account.

Now, you've got an affiliate account on AliExpress, and you'll start promoting products on your website, blog, social media profile, or anywhere you would like. AliExpress will provide you with an API that you can use to market the products. Each sale that's generated from your unique affiliate link will earn you a commission.

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